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Who We Are

The Leading Biotechnology Company in the North of Chile

Atacama Bio Natural Products S.A. is a private biotechnology corporation that cultivates algae to extract healthy ingredients for humans and animals well-being.


Its name comes from the surrounding Atacama desert, which is world-famous as an astronomer’s paradise due to its pristine atmosphere. Its location, away from any agricultural or populated areas strongly guarantees secure algae cultivation with no environmental pollution.


A 250-acre facility in a high light intensity region with pure water from the Andes mountains makes Atacama Bio a prime producer that can greatly expand its production capacity to meet demand.

The company was founded in 2003 and after a long work of research has developed robust low energy consuming proprietary culture technology. It is made up of closed and open photobioreactors that take advantage of the high solar radiation. The added factors of low-cost non fertile marginal land, working in a country with competitive cost of inputs, energy and personnel and the permanent high investment in R+D to optimize technology, allows us to offer very affordable prices, now and in the long term.



Pure water from the Andes Mountain range, after a careful process to ensure sterilization, is used for the preparation of the growing media. Non-Genetically Modified microalgae is inoculated in the aseptic culture medium of the photobioreactors.

As microorganism contamination is the principal risk in this industry, we have five stages of enclosed photobioreactors for culture growth. We use HEPA filtered air, reverse osmosis, and ozone-treated water as well as food-grade nutrients.

The last stage of production is done in open raceway photobioreactors where Haematococcus pluvialis undergoes carotenogenesis of Astaxanthin in a way that resembles their natural environment.

Harvested microalgae is ground and vacuum dried at low temperatures, preserving the original nutritional characteristics, resulting in a powder of very high bioavailability. This powder is further prepared to increase stability, mixed with vegetable oil to prepare Red Meal Oil, and microencapsulated to produce Red Meal Powder.

Red Meal is produced under a certified Good Manufacturing Practice standard.



  • A long term win-win commercial relationship

  • A whole Haematococcus pluvialis meal rich in 3S, 3’S Astaxanthin stereoisomer, NAXA verified, produced with a sustainable, closer-to-natural, proprietary process in a pristine environment

  • Dependable Supply

    • High stock in a refrigerated warehouse to supply all the products that is needed

    • Large industrial capacity

    • Production can be increased several times, as the market needs

  • Very competitive prices, now and in the long run

    • High solar radiation, low energy consuming technology

    • Low-cost non-fertile marginal land

    • Water reuse

    • A country with a competitive cost of inputs, energy, and labour

    • Permanent high investment in R+D to optimize the technology

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